What We Do

CSA’s core mission is to keep Singapore’s cyberspace safe and secure, to underpin our National Security, power a Digital Economy, and protect our Digital Way of Life.


To underpin our National Security, CSA continuously monitors our cyberspace for cyber threats, and protects and defends our Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) to ensure the continuous delivery of essential services[1]  to Singapore residents. We analyse the risks that the threats pose, and take appropriate mitigation measures to prevent them from affecting us. 

Nonetheless, despite our best efforts, cyber-attacks may still succeed. To deal with them, we have incident response teams who stand ready to investigate, contain and remediate serious cyber-attacks on our CIIs. CSA also regularly conducts cybersecurity exercises to ensure that our critical sectors are ready to respond promptly and effectively in the event of an attack.

CSA is also responsible for creating a safer cyberspace for enterprise and individual end-users. We advocate and practise security-by-design, provide security consultancy services to other government agencies, certify products and validate systems’ security assurance.


To power a Digital Economy, CSA is building a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem comprising skilled professionals, strong research and development expertise, and companies with deep cybersecurity capabilities to meet Singapore’s security and economic needs. We work closely with the cybersecurity industry and universities to encourage cybersecurity innovation, deliver solutions and create good jobs. We collaborate with schools, institutes of higher learning, as well as industry partners to build a robust cybersecurity workforce, to meet the growing demand to secure the digital economy.


To protect our Digital Way of Life, CSA recognises that cybersecurity is a collective responsibility. We issue advisories to our various stakeholders to protect them from critical vulnerabilities, conduct outreach programmes to raise awareness and promote adoption of good cyber hygiene practices.

Lastly, we are mindful that cyber threats do not respect geographic boundaries. Hence, it is critical for us to have a network of international partners that we can work with to address this common threat. To this end, CSA actively pursues bilateral partnerships, participates in multinational discussions to shape the norms of responsible state behaviour in cyberspace, and drives regional cybersecurity capacity building programmes.


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[1] Such as energy, water, telecommunications, healthcare, banking and finance, and government services.