CSA Whistleblowing Channel

The CSA Whistleblowing Channel provides individuals with an avenue to disclose useful information on:

  • Cover-ups of cybersecurity incidents that may threaten the cybersecurity of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII);
  • Malicious behavior and dereliction of duty from individuals that may compromise the cybersecurity of CII; or the
  • Deliberate misstating or falsifying of information to CSA. 
If you have information on the above, you may email CSA at whistleblowing@csa.gov.sg with the relevant details, such as but not limited to: the name(s) of affected organisation(s), name(s) of affected CII(s), descriptions of the incident, and how the information was obtained.
For cybersecurity incident reporting, please use SingCERT Cyber Aid.
CSA undertakes to keep strictly confidential both your identity and any information that may lead to your identification. However, our officer may need to reach out to you to obtain further details that will assist with our investigation and follow-up action.
For more information, you can refer to our FAQs on the Whistleblowing Channel.