Singapore Cyber Landscape 2021

Published on 29 Aug 2022

The “Singapore Cyber Landscape (SCL) 2021” reviews Singapore’s cybersecurity situation in 2021 against the backdrop of global trends and events and highlights the nation’s efforts in creating a safe and trustworthy cyberspace.

Globally, 2021 saw a spate of high-profile malicious activities ranging from ransomware attacks against critical sectors, to attacks exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities and weaknesses in popular software. Singapore’s cyber landscape mirrored global trends, with cybercrime and various other cyber threats – such as ransomware attacks and phishing campaigns – also continuing to impact Singapore organisations and individuals. 

SCL2021 also highlights initiatives to combat new and emerging cyber threats. One key initiative featured is the Cybersecurity Strategy 2021, which takes a more proactive stance in addressing threats via a broader scope of protection, closer relationships with international partners, and a greater emphasis on workforce and ecosystem development.

The cybersecurity landscape continues to be shaped and affected by global developments. From the ever-evolving tactics of cyber criminal and hacktivist groups, the emergence of Web3 and the ‘Metaverse’, to heightened geopolitical tensions, the SCL2021 publication reviews the key trends to watch out for and their impact on the cyber landscape in the years to come.

The 2020 edition of the Singapore Cyber Landscape is available here.