Singapore's Safer Cyberspace Masterplan 2020

Published on 06 Oct 2021

Singapore’s Safer Cyberspace Masterplan 2020 builds on the second Pillar of the  2016 Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy and outlines a plan towards the creation of a safer and more secure cyberspace in Singapore. The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has developed this Masterplan in consultation with the cybersecurity industry and academia, to raise the general level of cybersecurity in Singapore, for individual users, communities, enterprises, and organisations. 

The Masterplan comprises three thrusts, to:

  1. Secure our core digital infrastructure;
  2. Safeguard our cyberspace activities; and
  3. Empower our cyber-savvy population.

The Masterplan also outlines 11 initiatives under these three thrusts (as shown in the infographic below) that serve as examples of how we intend to better safeguard and protect our cyberspace, and mitigate the impact through swift detection and response to cyber threats. Everyone has a role to play in the cybersecurity of our shared digital space, and enterprises, organisations and individuals can leverage the initiatives in the Masterplan to better protect themselves. 

Click on the image to access the high-resolution version.