The Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy 2021

Published on 05 Oct 2021

The Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy 2021 outlines Singapore’s updated goals and approach to adapt to a rapidly evolving strategic and technological environment. Potential disruptive technologies such as edge computing and quantum technologies are on the horizon. Threat actors are becoming more sophisticated and taking advantage of increasingly ubiquitous connectivity to launch more cyberattacks. Singapore thus reviewed and refreshed its cybersecurity strategy, which was first launched in 2016. 

Cybersecurity is a team sport, and everyone has a part to play. Developed in consultation with multiple stakeholders, including industry, and local and overseas academia, Strategy 2021 seeks to actively defend our cyberspace, simplify cybersecurity for end-users, and promote the development of international cyber norms and standards. Workforce and ecosystem development are the foundations of this strategy.  

The Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy 2021 comprises three strategic pillars and two foundational enablers: 

  • Strategic Pillar 1: Build Resilient Infrastructure
  • Strategic Pillar 2: Enable a Safer Cyberspace
  • Strategic Pillar 3: Enhance International Cyber Cooperation
  • Foundational Enabler 1: Develop a Vibrant Cybersecurity Ecosystem
  • Foundational Enabler 2: Grow a Robust Cyber Talent Pipeline