Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) 2.0
What should I do if the information I have received has a TLP marking that restricts me from sharing it with an organisation / individual that I believe need to know this information?
Should there be a need to share any information with organisations/individuals outside the limitation of TLP marking, please seek permission from CSA. 
I am a Regulator receiving information tagged as TLP:AMBER. Who else can I share the information with?
Information tagged as TLP:AMBER may be shared with both your inhouse and outsource contractors (i.e. the individual / staff working for the organisation) who are providing cybersecurity services to your agency. Information may also be shared with your regulatees in order for them to take action to protect themselves.
I am a member of an ISAC / formal sharing group management body receiving information tagged as TLP:AMBER+STRICT. Can I share the information with other members?
ISAC / formal sharing group management body shall not share TLP:AMBER+STRICT information with other members of the ISAC / formal sharing group.