Cybersecurity Development Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

Cybersecurity Development Programme

1. Who is eligible to apply for CSA’s Cybersecurity Development Programme (CSDP)?

In addition to the pointers found on the programme eligibility page, the CSDP is only open to Singaporean citizens.

2. How many rounds are there in the selection process?

There are 4 rounds in the selection process. Firstly resume screening, secondly an online take-home assignment, thirdly a preliminary interview with HR and fourthly, a round of interviews with CSA’s divisions. 

There will be additional assessments for roles such as Malware Analysts, Penetration Testers and Consultants under CSA’s Critical Information Infrastructure Division (CIID).

Applicants can expect the application process to take at least two months.

3. Is there a bond that successful CSDP applicants have to sign?
CSDP Officers are required to sign a 12-month Minimum Service Period (MSP). While there is no financial penalty for not completing the 12-month development programme, CSDP officers must complete their 12-months before they can be awarded with the SUTD ModularMasters and CSDP completion certificates.
4. Are CSDP officers considered full-time employees by CSA?

Yes, CSDP officers are expected to be fully committed to the role throughout the 12-month programme and will receive a full-time salary for the full programme duration.

After completing their 12-month programme, CSDP officers can expect to celebrate their achievements via a graduation ceremony!

5. Besides attending the SUTD courses in the first three months, what are the other tasks/responsibilities CSDP officers might have during this period?
CSDP officers will not be given CSA division-related work during the classroom training phase in the first three months. Apart from the SUTD courses, CSDP officers will also need to prepare for and attempt their EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Cisco CyberOps certifications. 
6. What software knowledge (eg. Python) do CSDP applicants need to possess?
There is no pre-requisite knowledge for the take-home assignment and interview process, but a strong networking knowledge would definitely be highly advantageous.
7. What software knowledge (eg. Python) do CSDP officers need to possess?
The software knowledge needed depends on which division the officer is deployed to. For instance, officers deployed to the digital forensics team would need to know how to use Wireshark. However, should officers not have the necessary knowledge for the divisions they are deployed to, on-the-job training will be provided.