Participation Guidelines for the #BetterCyberSafe School Dance Challenge (3 July 2023 - 31 July 2023)

Organised by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), the #BetterCyberSafe School Dance Challenge is open to all students enrolled in Ministry of Education (MOE) Schools. The video submission period ends on 31 July 2023, 11:59PM, UTC +8. 

The Challenge

Students are invited to show us your take on the cybersecurity rap song “Better Cyber Safe than Sorry” in a video of a duration of 30 seconds to no more than one (1) minute. 

Students are welcome to participate in the two (2) categories: 
  1. Individual Category (1 student) 
  2. Group Category (2-5 students)

The top 10 schools with the highest number of entries will receive 50 sets of Jaga merchandise.

Video submissions may be featured on CSA’s social media platforms during and after the video submission period. Winning entries may also be featured on CSA website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

Video Requirements

Submitted videos are to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Total Duration: Under 60 seconds
  2. Devices – Can be shot on any video capture device (no restrictions)
  3. Minimum resolution/quality – 1920 X 1080 HD / Handphone HD Video Recording
  4. File size – Less than 100 MB
  5. Video format – .mp4 or .mov file
  6. Music – Use of the “Better Safe than Sorry” rap song
  7. Safety – Practising and filming must comply with prevailing safe management measures (SMM). Please consult your teacher, parent or guardian on the prevailing SMM. Avoid unsafe dance movements with potential to cause injury. Highly complex or risky movements are not allowed. No live flame, pyrotechnics or smoke effects may be used.
  8. Attire – Choice of style and appearance should be modest and age-appropriate.
  9. Content – Does not contain any obscene, blasphemous, libellous, content or any reference to trademarks, logos or branding.
  10. Copyrighted material – Does not contain any music, video, footage, images or other material, without the licence or permission of the copyright owner/s. Should the entries contain any music, video, footage, images or other material that has been used or included under license or with permission, this must be clearly stated in the submission form. CSA reserves the right to require proof of any participant’s right to use any music, video, footage, images or material contained in his/her entry.


Judging of the Videos

A panel of judges will select the winning entries for each category, based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity – Be creative with your video – show us your original dance moves along with the signature dance moves
  • Cybersecurity elements – Incorporate at least one cyber tip that you learnt from the original music video 


How to Participate

  1. Seek parental/guardian’s consent for:
    • Participation in #BetterCyberSafeSG School Dance Challenge
    • Featuring you and your submission on CSA social media platforms (website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  2. Watch the “Better Cyber Safe than Sorry” Music Video above
  3. Download the music file:
  4. Create and record your dance
  5. Upload the video to Google Drive with the title format as follows:
    1. Student Category:
      1. Solo: __< Name of Participant> e.g. Individual_CKPS_MelLim.
      2.  Group: __ e.g. Group_AHS_JohnTan
  6. Submit the link to your video entry via the FormSG:



Winning submissions for each category will walk away with the following prizes:

IndividualGroup (2-5 members)School
1st Prize - S$50 worth of vouchers & exclusive Jaga merchandise1st Prize - S$150 worth of vouchers & exclusive Jaga merchandise

The top 10 schools with the highest number of entries will receive 50 sets of Jaga merchandise.


2nd Prize - S$40 worth of vouchers & exclusive Jaga merchandise2nd Prize - S$120 worth of vouchers & exclusive Jaga merchandise
3rd Prize - S$30 worth of vouchers & exclusive Jaga merchandise3rd Prize - S$90 worth of vouchers & exclusive Jaga merchandise



  1. When submitting video recordings, participants must:
    1. Be the creator/owner of all the materials submitted (except the Better Cyber Safe than Sorry song, which CSA has provided for you to work with)
    2. Have sought permission from the owner(s) when using materials from another source or person.
  2. In submitting any works to the #BetterCyberSafeSG School Dance Challenge, a platform under the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, participants agree to grant the Government of Singapore a royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive licence to use, modify, copy, publish, perform, communicate, and make available and/or broadcast the work (the "Licence") for non-commercial purposes.


Participants under the age of 21 years old are deemed to have sought parental/guardian’s consent to grant of the above copyright permission.