Be Cyber Safe Pop-Up and Mobile Booth

Be Cyber Safe Pop-Up

Look out for our roving Pop-up, comprising an interactive vending machine and digital information panels, as we travel to schools, libraries, and public spaces. Students can learn more about the importance of cybersecurity and cyber tips to go safe online, before testing their knowledge by playing a touch screen game where they stand a chance to win a prize.

Each Pop-up offers a distinct Pop-up experience, featuring a game specifically designed to help primary and secondary students, including those young at heart to learn how to practise cyber tips. 

  • Learn how to create strong passphrases and understand the importance of enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). Recommended for primary school level. 
  • Learn about the signs of malware infection and how to protect their devices. Recommended for secondary school level and above. 
  • Learn about phishing scams and sharpen skills to swiftly identify phishing scams in emails and messages. Recommended for secondary school level and above.

Bookings for our latest edition of Be Cyber Safe Pop-Up are now open. Registration is free-of-charge and dates are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Catch the highlights of our Be Cyber Safe Students Programme here! If you are interested to book our Pop-up, please reach out to us at to indicate your interest.




Be Cyber Safe Mobile Booth

Our mobile booth, comprising interactive information panels and microsite games, is coming to a school, library or public space near you. Students can learn about the importance of cybersecurity, common online scams and four cyber tips through games and tactile activities.

If you are interested in booking our Mobile Booth, please reach out to us at