Product NameVendorAssurance Level
Huawei NetEngine AR6121 V300R019C10SPC300Huawei International Pte LtdEAL2+
SecureData 7.5 SecureAge Technology Pte LtdEAL2+
Belden Hirschmann IT MTS Series Ethernet Switches version and Hirschmann Industries (Suzhou) Co. LtdEAL2+
SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) 2020.2 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC EAL2+
Hikivision M Series Network Video Recorder Version: 4.51.490 Hangzhou Hikivision Digital Technology Co., Ltd cPP_nd_v2.2e 
Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateway WF-500 V2 Waterfall Security Solutions, Ltd.EAL4+  
SDoT Security Gateway, Version 6.2aINFODAS Gesellschaft für Systementwicklung und informationsverarbeitung mbHEAL4+  

Products in evaluation are listed for information only. These products have not passed the evaluation and cannot be guaranteed to be so.