Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS) For Consumers

Cybersecurity Label

To determine if a product is certified under the CLS, consumers can look out for these labels:

The label will display the product’s cybersecurity level and its registration ID.



Cybersecurity Levels

The asterisks on the label are indicative of different levels of rating within the CLS. The general requirements for each level are as follows: 

Level 1The product has met basic security requirements such as ensuring unique default passwords and providing software updates.
Level 2The product has met all mandatory security requirements of international standards, and has fulfilled Level 1 requirements.
Level 3The product has been developed using the principles of Security-by-Design, has undergone assessment of software binaries by approved third-party test labs, and has fulfilled Level 2 requirements.
Level 4The product has undergone structured penetration tests by approved third-party test labs, and fulfilled Level 3 requirements.