Parenting Workshop on Cybersecurity and Cyber Wellness

Published on 14 Jul 2023


Parenting Workshop: Cybersecurity and Cyber Wellness

About the Programme

Parents and children are welcome to join in to learn how to go safe online as well as how to use digital payment safely. As a post-workshop activity, participate in a scavenger hunt to test your knowledge on cybersecurity. Stand a chance to redeem attractive prizes!

How to Go Safe Online by CSA

The Internet has changed the way we live, work and play. Many young Internet users are going online more for learning, playing games and communicating with their friends. However, going online more often also exposes them to cyber threats. Imagine the damaging effects if your child download a malicious app or risk losing their personal information simply by clicking on pop-up ads or fake video links. Join us to learn about the types of cyber threats to look out for and learn how to Go Safe Online by practising good cyber hygiene habits.

Smiley’s Cyber Wellness Journey by POSB

Kids will learn to navigate cashless and digital payment world safely with various cashless and digital payment modes to prepare for digital payment that is being rolled out in schools. Kids will be equipped with tips to spend wisely and track digital spending of cashless/digital payment coupled with ways to stay vigilant and protected in the digital payment world.

This programme is part of “Let’s be S.U.R.E. together!” 2023.


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SingCERT encourages the reporting of cybersecurity incidents as it enables us to better understand the scope and nature of cyber incidents in Singapore. This will enable us to issue alerts or advisories on relevant threats, and assist a broader range of individuals and organisations.
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