Cybersecurity Toolkit for Employees

If you are an employee in an organisation that is starting its cybersecurity journey

Smaller organisations tend to be resource constrained, and CSA has developed a cybersecurity toolkit for employees in small organisations. The toolkit is intended for organisations to raise cybersecurity awareness for employees. This is crucial as employees are the first line of defence and key to any organisation’s cybersecurity. 

Employees are also encouraged to explore the toolkit on their own because the tips help them to also keep cyber safe in their private lives. The tips address the most common and prevalent cyber threats faced by employees, including phishing, using compromised and weak passphrases, and using compromised corporate and/or private devices.

The resources include:


CSA has tailored cybersecurity toolkits for different types of organisations and organisational roles such as business leaders, SME owners and IT Teams. Click here to learn more.

If your organisation has already put in place these cybersecurity measures, get recognised by applying for cybersecurity certification for organisations.

If your organisation is using cloud services, get help with implementing cloud security for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other cloud computing service models.