CLS-Ready Platform List

The following lists the platforms registered under the CLS-Ready. 

The validity of the certificate is the period for which the developer will support the device with security updates, up to a maximum of a period of 5 years. 

 S/N Registration ID  Platform Name Developer Date of Issuance  Date of Expiry
 1 CLSRD22001 Optiga Trust M SLS32AIA Infineon Technologies  31/05/22 30/05/27
 Platform Security Functions*
AttestationRoot-of-Trust Secure Communication to External Entities Secure Key Storage 
Debug Access Port Secure Access PolicySecure Data Storage Secure Key Update 
Memory Protection  Secure Binding of MCU with SESecured Device Identity Secure Reset
Permanent Decommissioning  Secure BootSecure Firmware Update Temporary Decommissioning 
 Platform Integrity VerificationSecure Bus Communication  Secure Key Generation Others

*Greyed out represents Platform Security Features that are out of scope for certification