Cybersecurity Toolkit for IT Teams

The personnel overseeing Information Technology (IT) functions in the organisation play a critical role to ensure cybersecurity becomes a competitive advantage. These efforts help the organisation to reduce the risks from cyber threats, especially in industries where trust is critical to business relationships.

This cybersecurity toolkit is targeted at IT teams or personnel overseeing IT functions in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), but can also serve as a reference to security teams in larger organisations. Within the toolkit, the following five areas of focus are covered:

Cultivate cybersecurity leadership in the organisation;
Educate the employees on cybersecurity;
Protect the business-critical information assets;
Secure the access and environment; and 
Ensure the business is cyber resilient. 

In addition, within each area of focus, actionable advice with corresponding templates is provided. IT teams or personnel overseeing IT functions may refer to and adapt the templates provided, where relevant, to put in place the policies, processes, or guidelines to manage cybersecurity in the organisation.

Resources available for download:

Toolkit [PDF, 4.6MB]
Appendix - Templates [.DOC, 861KB]
Infographics [PDF, 392KB]

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