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Go Safe Online 2019 Videos

Watch our four campaign videos and start practising good cyber hygiene today.

Go Safe Online 2019

‘Go Safe Online 2019' is a cybersecurity awareness campaign brought to you by the Cyber Security ...

Cyber Tip - Use An Anti-Virus Software

Viruses can put your data in danger.

Cyber Tip - Use Strong Passwords And Enable 2FA

Don't get shut out of your life.

Cyber Tip - Spot Signs Of Phishing

Don't put your life savings at risk.

Cyber Tip - Update Your Software Promptly

Outdated software can expose your private life.


CSA PW Checker

Password Checker

Strong passwords are necessary to keep your online accounts and personal information safe from cyber criminals. They should be long (comprising at least 12 characters) and random.Want to find out if a ...
ECS Kit Homepage

Employee Cyber Security Kit

 An initiative by NSCS and supported by CSA and SBF, the Employee Cyber Security Kitis a plug-and-play digital toolkit which features a simple quiz that provides an initial assessment of a ...