Singapore Cyber Landscape 2022

Published on 23 Jun 2023

The “Singapore Cyber Landscape (SCL) 2022” reviews Singapore’s cybersecurity situation in 2022 against the backdrop of global trends and events, and highlights Singapore’s efforts in creating a safer cyberspace. 

2022 saw a heightened cyber threat environment worldwide, driven by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and cybercrime opportunism as countries lifted COVID-19 restrictions. Mirroring global trends, Singapore also saw an increase in cyber threats such as phishing scam campaigns and ransomware in 2022, with CSA and other government agencies working closely to meet these challenges.   

In the face of persistent and emergent cyber trends, Singapore also worked with other like-minded countries by participating in initiatives against cyber threats to strengthen Singapore’s collective digital resilience for a safer cyberspace.

This edition of SCL also includes perspectives from individuals who have fallen victim to ransomware incidents, as well as personal insights from an incident responder. In line with this, CSA has also adjusted methods for reporting several key malicious cyber activities, in order to focus on their impact on Singaporeans and local organisations, and what CSA is doing to address them.