Guidelines for Secure AI System Development

Published on 27 Nov 2023

The Guidelines for Secure AI System Development is a National Cyber Security Centre (United Kingdom)-led product endorsed by 23 international agencies from 18 countries, including the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore.

This document recommends guidelines for providers of any systems that use artificial intelligence (AI), whether those systems have been created from scratch or built on top of tools and services provided by others. Implementing these guidelines will help providers build AI systems that function as intended, are available when needed, and work without revealing sensitive data to unauthorised parties.

This document is aimed primarily at providers of AI systems who are using models hosted by an organisation, or are using external application programming interfaces (APIs). We urge all stakeholders (including data scientists, developers, managers, decision-makers and risk owners) to read these guidelines to help them make informed decisions about the design, development, deployment and operation of their AI systems.