Operational Technology Cybersecurity Competency Framework (OTCCF)

Published on 08 Oct 2021


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The Operational Technology Cybersecurity Competency Framework (OTCCF) provides the foundation to attract and develop talent for the emerging OT cybersecurity sector in Singapore. It provides guidance on the competencies to equip professionals in performing their jobs in the OT industry sectors.

With the increased connectivity between IT and OT systems, the demand for job roles requiring competencies in both IT and OT domains have correspondingly increased. While the existing Skills Framework for ICT is useful, it was developed to reflect the situation in the broader ICT workforce. More granularity is needed for OT cybersecurity in terms of coverage and applicability. The OTCCF aims to address this gap by providing greater clarity to key stakeholders and guides:

a. OT and IT system owners can refer to the OT cybersecurity capabilities required to attract the right people, train them adequately, and map out their career pathways;

b. Training providers can refer to the technical competencies required by different job roles and be guided to develop best-in-class courses and certifications that cater to local training needs; and

c. OT professionals or potential jobseekers can identify skillsets for cross- and up-skilling for a meaningful career in the OT cybersecurity domain. The career pathways could apply to job roles inclusive of vertical and lateral advancement opportunities.

The OTCCF is developed jointly by CSA and Mercer with the support of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).