Singapore Cyber Landscape 2019

Published on 26 Jun 2020

The “Singapore Cyber Landscape 2019” publication reviews Singapore’s cybersecurity situation in 2019 against the backdrop of global trends and events, and highlights Singapore’s efforts in creating a safe and trustworthy cyberspace.

In line with global trends, Singapore witnessed a rise in cyber threats targeted at various local industries such as e-commerce, banking and finance in 2019. These cyber threats included common malicious cyber activities such as website defacements, phishing incidents and malware infections.

The publication identifies key security trends such as the transition by organisations into cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and the surge in IoT devices and quantum computing. The publication also features a special section on “Cybersecurity and COVID-19”, with insights on the global rise of cyber threats capitalising on the COVID-19 pandemic, and the associated security risks of people working from home in the “new normal” as a result of COVID-19.