Singapore Cyber Landscape 2018

Published on 18 Jun 2019

The “Singapore Cyber Landscape 2018” publication identifies cyber threats and trends that Singapore faced in 2018. The number of common cyber threats detected in Singapore saw a decrease in 2018 but cybercrime continued to be on the rise, with online and business email impersonation scams being a concern. Organisations and individuals can also look out for practical tips and resources that can help them safeguard against cyber threats. The report also offers insights and practical lessons from cyber-attacks that affected different segments of Singapore in 2018 as well as trends and technological breakthroughs that CSA foresees having an impact on cybersecurity in the near future. 

As Singapore works towards realising the goal of a Smart Nation, CSA will continue to engage different stakeholders to raise awareness of cyber threats and strengthen cybersecurity efforts collectively so that we can create a secure and trustworthy cyberspace for all.