Singapore’s Operational Technology Cybersecurity Masterplan 2019

Published on 01 Oct 2019

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has developed the Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Masterplan as part of our continuous efforts to enhance the security and resilience of Singapore’s Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) sectors in delivering essential services. The Masterplan serves to improve cross-sector response to mitigate cyber threats in the OT environment and to strengthen partnerships with industry and stakeholders. The OT Cybersecurity Masterplan outlines key initiatives covering the areas of People, Processes and Technology to uplift the cybersecurity postures of our CII owners and organisations that operate OT systems.

Key thrusts in the OT Cybersecurity Masterplan include:

  1. Providing OT cybersecurity training to develop human capabilities
  2. Facilitating the sharing of information through an OT Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (OT-ISAC)
  3. Strengthening OT owners’ policies and processes through the issuance of an OT Cybersecurity Code of Practice (CCoP)
  4. Adopting technologies for cyber resilience through Public-Private Partnerships

In addition, the Masterplan encourages OT equipment manufacturers and service providers to implement cybersecurity in the developmental phase, so that products and systems are in-built with strong cybersecurity measures.

The OT Cybersecurity Masterplan will serve as a strategic blueprint to guide Singapore’s efforts to foster a resilient and secure cyber environment for our OT CII, while taking a balanced approach between security requirements, rapid digitalisation and ease of conducting business-as-usual activities.