Singapore Cyber Landscape 2017

Published on 19 Jun 2018

The “Singapore Cyber Landscape 2017” publication reviews Singapore’s cybersecurity situation in 2017 against the backdrop of global trends and events, and highlights Singapore’s efforts in creating a safe and trustworthy cyberspace. In 2017, the global cyber landscape continued to evolve. Cyber threats continued to grow in frequency and impact. As a highly-connected country, Singapore’s cyber landscape mirrored these global trends.

CSA analyses multiple data sources to shed light on the common cyber threats observed in Singapore’s cyberspace. Cyber threats such as phishing attacks, website defacements and malware infections rose in 2017. Cybercrime showed no signs of abating and cyber threat actors continued to target Critical Information Infrastructure sectors, businesses, and individuals. Through case studies of incidents in Singapore, the publication aims to raise awareness of common cyber threats among stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as the general public. It also provides practical tips and resources for us to do our part in defending against evolving cyber threats, even as CSA continues to work with other stakeholders here and internationally towards a safe and trustworthy cyberspace.