Singapore Cyber Landscape 2016

Published on 14 Sep 2017

The inaugural “Singapore Cyber Landscape” publication features facts and figures on key cyber threats and incidents in Singapore for 2016. With the high level of Internet connectivity here, Singapore is particularly susceptible to cyber-attacks given the high level of Internet connectivity. Ransomware, phishing, website defacements, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attempts are common types of cyber-attacks observed in Singapore’s cyber landscape.  Those affected by cyber-attacks include Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), individuals and Critical Information Infrastructure (CIIs), including the Government, Healthcare, and Banking & Finance sectors.

The publication provides an overview and analysis of Singapore’s cyber health. It also seeks to raise awareness of cyber threats among stakeholders from the public and private sectors, industry, academia, and providers of essential services so that they can take appropriate action to defend against such threats.

With Singapore’s vision to become a Smart Nation, the protection of our cyberspace becomes more critical than ever. CSA will continue in its efforts to protect essential services from cyber threats and create a secure and trustworthy cyberspace for businesses, communities, Singaporeans, and Singapore.