Report a Phishing Email

Published on 05 Jun 2020

Updated on 10 Jun 2020

Phishing is a method used by cyber criminals to fraudulently obtain your personal and financial information such as your login, bank account, and credit card details. Cyber criminals often disguise themselves as a legitimate individual or reputable organisation, and send email or message to unsuspecting victims to entice them to click on malicious links or file attachments, which leads victims to fraudulent sites where they might provide their personal and financial information. Other campaigns involve tricking users into downloading and installing malware, or inadvertently installing ransomware, which then allows the cyber criminal to access the victim’s devices or systems. The cyber criminal may then bring down the system, steal the data, or encrypt the data for ransom.

As cyber criminals come up with increasingly convincing and sophisticated methods of phishing, it is becoming harder to spot these “phishes”.

Feeling unsure about the email which you have just received?

If you have received an email which you think might be a “phish”, send it to us!

Submit a Report


Your report will help us act quickly and prevent other people from being affected.

What do we do with your report?

SingCERT will review the information submitted. If we find anything that we believe is malicious during the review, we may work with hosting providers to:

  • Take down the email address used
  • Take down any malicious websites linked in the email

In a small number of cases, you may not be able to send in the suspicious email to us due to security configuration settings. If you encounter this problem, please send us an email (without the suspicious email attachment) at, and we will follow up with you.

What to do if you have already clicked

  • If you are using a work laptop or phone, contact your IT department and let them know.
  • Run a full anti-virus scan on your systems.
  • If you have provided your banking details, inform your bank.
  • If you have provided your password, change the passwords on all your accounts that use the same password. 
  • If you have lost money, lodge a police report.

Please note that:

Cybercrime is a serious criminal offence in Singapore where the Police are the relevant authority to investigate such offences. You should lodge a police report at, if you think you may have been the victim of a cybercrime.