Advisories & Alerts

  • [SingCERT] Alert on Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) Issue 13 January 2018

    On 12 January 2018, security firm F-Secure reported an insecure default behaviour within Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) that could allow an attacker to bypass login processes and take control of a user's computer.

  • [SingCERT] Advisory on Important Microsoft vulnerabilities affecting Office, .NET Framework and ASP.NET Core 12 January 2018

    On 9 January 2018, Microsoft announced the release of several security patches to fix vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft Office, the .NET Framework, and ASP.NET Core, amongst others.

  • [SingCERT] Alert on Western Digital NAS Drive Vulnerabilities 09 January 2018

    Western Digital's My Cloud (WDMyCloud) is a popular Network-Attached Storage (NAS) drive used by individuals and businesses to host files, automatically backup and sync with various cloud and web-based services. The drive lets users not only share files in a home network, but the private cloud feature also allows them to access their data from anywhere at any time.

  • [SingCERT] Advisory On Critical Zero-day Vulnerabilities Within Dell EMC Data Protection Suite 09 January 2018

    On 5 January 2018, a group of security researchers published the discovery of a set of critical zero-day vulnerabilities within the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Family products, which authorises attackers to fully compromise systems. The Dell EMC Data Protection Suite is a product set for enterprises to protect data and critical applications.

  • [SingCERT] Alert on Digital Currency Mining Malware 08 January 2018

    SingCERT has observed an increase in cases where attackers used malicious malware to remotely harness computing power to mine for digital currency, which may cause damage to users’ hardware or slow down their computing performance. The attackers exploit vulnerable systems to hijack personal computers, Android devices, servers, and Content Management Systems (CMS) with weak passwords, and use them for digital currency mining.

  • [SingCERT] Alert on Security Flaws Found in Central Processing Units (CPUs) 04 January 2018

    On 3 January 2018, a group of security researchers published the discovery of two vulnerabilities dubbed “Meltdown” and “Spectre” affecting desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and cloud services. The vulnerabilities enable attackers to steal any data processed by the computer.

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