Bug Fix for the GPS Daemon (GPSD) Software

Published on 23 Oct 2021

Updated on 23 Oct 2021

A bug fix has been released to address a timing bug that affect the Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers running the GPS Daemon (GPSD) software. The bug is expected to trigger on 24 October 2021, which may cause affected NTP servers to jump back 1024 weeks in time to 3 March 2002.

An out of sync date/time may cause downstream computing devices, workstations and servers to misbehave. An accurate timing is essential to the operations of many scheduled jobs and logging of events.

The bug affects the following versions of the GPSD software: 

  • 3.20 through 3.22

Users and administrators of the affected GPSD software are advised to upgrade to the latest versions immediately.

More information is available here: