SICW 2020 Events:
SICW Conversations 1 - 4

All event dates and timings below are in Singapore time (GMT +8).

The SICW Conversations Series will be held virtually on 6, 7 and 8 October 2020

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The Series of four Conversations feature policy makers, top industry players and researchers exchanging views on trending issues such as normative cyber framework, ethical hacking, the role of the industry, and 5G.

SICW Conversations 1: Has COVID-19 exposed the cracks in the rules-based order in cyberspace?
6 October 2020, 9.45pm – 10.30pm

COVID-19 has been called the crisis of a generation, where the world has encountered challenges to fostering trust and confidence in a time where countries urgently need to come together to collectively address the global threat of COVID-19. Yet, opportunistic cyber threat actors continue to capitalise on the pandemic to launch malicious cyber activities on critical infrastructure, including against healthcare infrastructure and research institutes.

This session will discuss the relevance and effectiveness of the cyber normative framework during times of crisis, and explore ways which governments and non-State actors can do their part in contributing to cyber resilience and stability.


  • Mr Lu Chuanying, Research Fellow, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies


  • Mr James Lewis, Senior Vice-President and Director, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C., US

SICW Conversations 2: Sleeping with the enemy? The role of ethical hacking in today’s digital society

7 October 2020, 8.00pm – 8.45pm

Hacking occurs when unauthorised actors gain access to data in a system or computer, threatening the security of networks and undermining data privacy. On the other hand, “ethical hacking” attempts to locate vulnerabilities and weaknesses in target systems using the same tools as malicious hackers, so as to lawfully assess the cybersecurity posture of these systems. Given the need for a community of cyber defenders that share a common goal of developing a safe and resilient cyberspace, ethical hackers serve an important purpose in today’s digital society.

This session will discuss the ways in which ethical hackers can potentially improve the cybersecurity posture of organisations and governments, along with the limitations and motivations of this oft-overlooked community. Given that ethical hackers employ similar methods as their black hat counterparts, the discussion will also examine the need for safeguards that could be put in place to prevent collusive/corrupt behavior among hackers and explore the impact of ethical hacking on data privacy and confidentiality.


  • Mr Jeff Moss, Founder of Black Hat and DEF CON Computer Security Conferences


  • Mr Gaurav Keerthi, Deputy Chief Executive, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore 

SICW Conversations 3: Beating the Bad Guys: Has the industry lost the war?

8 October 2020, 7.00pm – 8.00pm

COVID-19 has radically transformed our lifestyles, workplaces and social lives. As we work, live, and play digital, a resilient cyberspace is more crucial than ever. Opportunistic cyber threat actors have taken advantage of the pandemic to launch malicious cyber activities, commit industry espionage and disrupt business operations targeting SMEs or large corporations. As companies grapple with an increasingly pessimistic outlook and fend off the constant onslaught of cyber incidents, can the industry survive, and even win the war?

This session will explore the industry’s cybersecurity priorities and responses in the threat landscape of a new normal, along with strategies to maintain their edge over cyber threat actors. The panellists will weigh in on how companies and businesses can play a part in building a safer cyberspace and forge supportive partnerships with one another and the government. The discussion will also look into policies, strategies and best practices for companies to improve organisations’ cybersecurity posture, to maintain their edge over cyber threat actors, and the role of subscribing and enforcing industry standards (e.g. Cybersecurity Tech Accord/Charter of Trust). 


  • Ms Sandra Joyce, Executive VP, Head of Global Intelligence, FireEye
  • Mr Pankit Desai, Co-Founder and CEO, Sequretek
  • Mr Rustem Khairetdinov, Chief Growth Officer, BI.ZONE


  • Mr Charles Ng, Executive Vice-President, International Business and Consulting, Ensign

SICW Conversations 4: Clean or Open: Perspectives on 5G

8 October 2020, 9.45pm – 10.45pm

The US-China tech war is intensifying, with geopolitical tensions spilling over to the technological domain and threatening to bifurcate systems, networks and processes. This is most evident in the 5G arena which is set to unlock whole economic potential. States have come to different conclusions and taken differentiated approaches towards adopting 5G technologies, as they increasingly come under pressure from a confluence of factors – technical, policy and geopolitical.

This session will explore the dilemmas and trade-offs faced by states in their approaches towards adopting 5G. It will cover the impact on the rollout of 5G on other emerging technologies, as well as ways in which industry players wrestle for dominance and respond to shrinking market access in the 5G domain.


  • Mr Ciaran Martin, Former CEO of UK National Cyber Security Centre
  • Mr Donald (Andy) Purdy, Chief Security Officer, Huawei Technologies USA
  • Ms Elina Noor, Director, Political-Security Affairs and Deputy Director, Washington D.C. Office, Asia Society Policy Institute
  • Ms Teo Yi-Ling, Senior Fellow, Centre of Excellence for National Security, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore