Programme Description

The Co-Innovation and Development Proof-of-Concept Funding Scheme supports the co-development of innovative cybersecurity solutions between solution providers and committed cybersecurity end-users. Through the scheme, CSA provides funding support of up to a maximum of $500,000, for up to 12 months.

The scheme aims to catalyse the development of innovative cybersecurity solutions that would meet national cybersecurity and strategic needs, with potential for commercial application. Download the info kit here [52KB].

Qualifying Criteria

  • All Singapore registered companies are eligible for the Co-innovation POC Funding Scheme. Overseas firms that are not registered in Singapore will need to partner with a Singapore registered company. 

  • The project should use Singapore as a base to own, manage and exploit all intellectual property rights developed. 

  • The project must not have commenced at the time of application. 

Qualifying Costs

Funding support will be on a reimbursement basis, for the following expense items:

  • Expenditure on Manpower

  • Equipment

  • Professional Services

  • Other Operating Expenditures



Applications are accepted all-year round and the steps for submission are:


  • Submit a pre-proposal in the form of email submission to the Secretariat. This pre-proposal should contain a brief description of the project that the solution provider has in mind, and should at minimum contain the following information:   
    • Project problem statement
    • Letter of interest from potential collaborators including possible cash or in-kind contribution
    • Proposed solution from solution provider
    • Proposed funding budget
    • Timeline

  • If the project described in the pre-proposal meets the criteria, the Secretariat will request for the solution provider to submit a full proposal using a provided proposal template.



Proposals received by the Secretariat will be submitted to an evaluation panel. If required, the panel may convene to seek clarification from the applicant. Under such circumstances, applicants will be invited to give a short presentation.


Proposals will be evaluated according to:

  • Quality of proposed solution including cost reasonableness

  • Commitment from cybersecurity end-user

  • Wider applicability and benefit to industry

  • Team competency

Contact Details

For more information, please contact Yeo Boon Hui, Assistant Director, Ecosystem Development at