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For the full list of CC certified products, please refer to the Common Criteria Portal

The following lists the products evaluated under the SCCS.


Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
Product Name and Version
Vendor  Compliance Date Certificate Issued Certificate Validity Expiration Date

NetCrypt Family Series S20 / R100 / U1000 / U2000, Version 2.6.4

Certification Report

Security Target

ST Electronics (Info-Security)


29 June 2018

28 June 2023

DiskCrypt M100 (Enterprise), ID:9910-8800-1239, Version M253P15AO206

Certification Report

Security Target

ST Electronics (Info-Security)


23 July 2018

22 July 2023

In Evaluation

TOE Name and Version
Assurance Level
Est. Date of Completion

Utimaco Se-Series Gen2 CP5 Se12 / Se52 / Se500 / Se1500, Version


Utimaco IS GmbH

Q3 2018

Products in evaluation are listed for information only. These products have not passed the evaluation yet and cannot be guaranteed to be so.


There is no archived product at the moment.