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Shadow Certifications

CSA would like to invite potential developers to submit their product to be shadow certified under the SCCS. As part of this partnership, CSA would reimburse the evaluation cost incurred by the developer. Candidate products would be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Readiness: The developer shall have experiences in established evaluation and certification scheme (e.g. CC, NITES, CMVP/CAVP). Product documentation which will be examined during the evaluation shall also be available.
  2. Conformance to collaborative Protection Profile (cPP): Preference would be given to products which conform to an approved cPP.
  3. Product usability in the near term: Preference would be given to products which are likely to be deployed by the Singapore Government in the near future (e.g. exisitng tender/RFP requesting for such products).
  4. Availability of certified products: Preference would be given to categories of products whereby there is a lack/limited availability of NITES certified products.
  5. Richness of product functionalities: Preference would be given to products with more functionalities that could potentially be deployed in more situations than products of limited functionalities which could only serve limited purposes.
  6. Local products with export potential: With all other factors above being equal, preference would be given to products developed locally.

Interested applicants may send their application to, no later than 17 Mar 2017. The applicant shall attach the following:

  1. The Security Target (ST) for the intended Target of Evaluation (TOE);
  2. Duly completed Certification Application Form;
  3. Certificate(s) obtained for their line of products; and 
  4. (Optional) Tender/RFP reference number or letter of recommendation from any Singapore Government Agency.
-- Posted on 1 Feb 2017

Waiver of certification fees

Certification fees will be waived for the period from 1 Feb 2017 to 31 Mar 2018.

-- Posted on 31 Jan 2017