The SG Cyber Leaders programme aims to strengthen the knowledge, leadership, and networks of current and next-generation Singaporean cybersecurity leaders, so that they can more effectively lead, secure and resource the cybersecurity function in their organisations. SG Cyber Leaders will also involve building communities of practices, leadership training in cybersecurity, and opportunities for exposure to global best practices and technologies for participants.



Cybersecurity Strategic and Leadership Programme

Under the SG Cyber Leaders programme, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) have appointed Singapore Management University (SMU) as the Programme Partner for the Cybersecurity Strategic and Leadership Programme (CSLP). The CSLP will help current and future cybersecurity leaders to develop deep understanding of key drivers shaping cybersecurity strategies, to cultivate a culture of innovation and to lead the cybersecurity functions in their organisations effectively.

The CSLP comprises a 15-day learning journey designed for current and aspiring cybersecurity leaders who are responsible for making cybersecurity a critical and integral part of their organisations’ business strategy. This programme is supported by SMU’s renowned faculty, and a global pool of cybersecurity experts and senior executives from the industry. Please click here for more information on the CSLP.




Report a Cybersecurity Incident

SingCERT encourages the reporting of cybersecurity incidents as it enables us to better understand the scope and nature of cyber incidents in Singapore. This will enable us to issue alerts or advisories on relevant threats, and assist a broader range of individuals and organisations.
Report Incident