Cyber Associates

CSA has launched the SG Cyber Associates programme to provide foundational and targeted cybersecurity training for non-cybersecurity professionals to develop cybersecurity skills relevant to their work.

With rapid digitalisation and growing cyber threats across different domains, cybersecurity skills are fast becoming a valuable skillset. At present, there are many industry sectors and smaller organisations that may not be sufficiently equipped to understand and deal with cyber threats affecting their operations. To bridge the gap, CSA will partner with professional bodies and training partners to introduce SG Cyber Associates to professions such as engineers, auditors and lawyers, as well as IT and software professionals.

For foundational training, CSA is partnering with training providers to provide online training, assessment and certification. Currently, CSA has partnered with ISC2 to offer foundational training to participants in Singapore who want to obtain an entry-level certification in cybersecurity. To register for ISC2’s Certified in Cybersecurity course, click below to register and kickstart your cybersecurity journey.

Register here ^

^ In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”), CSA seeks your consent to collect and use your personal data furnished by ISC2, for the purposes of outreach, publicity, and programme analysis and review. CSA respects your privacy, and assures that: i. your personal data will be kept securely according to PDPA; ii. your personal data will not be disclosed to other organisations without your consent; and iii. you can request for your personal data to be removed from our database by officially notifying us via email.


For targeted training, CSA will work with professional bodies to develop customised cybersecurity training to meet the specific needs of their members. For a start, CSA has partnered with the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) and a local training provider to develop and organise courses on specific technology domains such as Internet of Things security for IES members. More details will be made available by IES to its members.


Going forward, CSA will be working with more professional bodies and training partners to scale-up training opportunities under the SG Cyber Associates programme. 


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