a. Cybersecurity Health Plan delivered by CISO as-a-Service (CiSOaas) Consultants

This is a scheme to develop cybersecurity health plans with funding support for eligible SMEs. Cybersecurity consultants (that have been onboarded by CSA) will take on the role of the SMEs’ “Chief Information Security Officers” (CISO), akin to providing a CISO-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) to SMEs who may not have in-house cybersecurity personnel.

b. What you can expect

If you are just getting started in your cybersecurity journey, the CISOaaS cybersecurity consultants onboarded by CSA will help you to improve your cyber resilience through cyber health “checkups”. You will develop a cybersecurity health plan tailored for your needs and work towards attaining CSA’s Cyber Essentials mark.

If you already have implemented good cyber hygiene, or already achieved CSA’s Cyber Essentials mark, you are ready to progress towards adopting a risk-based approach to cybersecurity with CSA’s Cyber Trust mark.

c. Funding support for eligible SMEs

Eligible SMEs can enjoy up to 70% co-funding support when you sign up with the CISOaaS cybersecurity consultants onboarded by CSA.

d. Apply to develop Cybersecurity Health Plan with a CISOaaS Consultant

SMEs may apply for an appropriate CISOaaS (Cyber Essentials) provider and/or package at the IMDA’s CTOaaS portal here

To help match you with CISOaaS consultants that meet your needs, SMEs may refer to this online listing:

* Please note that CSA does not endorse or recommend any particular organisation, individual, product, process, or service that is linked to the SG Cyber Safe programme, nor can CSA assure the quality of the work of any organisation or individual linked to the SG Cyber Safe programme.

SMEs may also refer to the cybersecurity solutions that are pre-approved under IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital programme.

Organisations that are members of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) should refer to NCSS’s Tech-and-GO! consultancy programme.

Organisations that have successfully completed developing their cybersecurity health plans with their CISOaaS consultants and have appointed a certification body for Cyber Essentials and/or Cyber Trust certification are eligible to be offered scholarships for the Google Cybersecurity Certificate. Please approach your CISOaaS consultant or your appointed certification body for more information. 

e. Provide feedback about your CISOaaS Consultant

Provide feedback about your CISOaaS Consultant: Feedback form

f. If you are a cybersecurity provider looking to be onboarded by CSA

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