Experience Cybersecurity Programme for Peer Support Leaders

Experience Cybsersecurity programme for Peer Support Leaders

Looking for fun and interactive activities to engage your student leaders and groom them to become cyber advocates in your school? The Experience Cybersecurity programme for Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) by CSA aims to give a deeper understanding of cybersecurity to student leaders who are able to experience, appreciate and inspire fellow school mates.

The Programme consists of two components as follows:

Cybersecurity workshop by CSA (1.5 hour)

  • Students will learn about the importance of cybersecurity and develop a deeper understanding of how cyber threats are carried out.  As student leaders, they will be encouraged to learn practical tips to protect themselves and devise ways to raise awareness of good cyber hygiene habits among their peers. 

Learning Journey (2 to 2.5 hours)

  • Students will get to go on a Learning Journey to one of the leading tech companies in Singapore and learn how cybersecurity is practised in the corporate world through a site tour, “show-and-tell”, hands-on activity or “Ask the Cyber Expert” session where students get to meet and hear from cybersecurity specialists.

Note: Each session is capped at 50 students. The two sessions can be conducted on the same day or as separate sessions depending on schools’ preference. Subject to trainers’ availability. 

As a post-programme assignment, participants will be tasked to organise a cybersecurity-related activity for their school’s Cyber Wellness Week. Activities can include setting up a cybersecurity booth or organising a phishing poster design competition. 

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