Nurturing a Lifelong Learning Culture for Cyber Security

26 Feb 2016

Minister Yaacob Ibrahim and Mr David Koh, CE/CSA, taking a group photo with the participants at the end of the engagement session.

Having a safe and secure cyber space is imperative for us to succeed in our Smart Nation journey. But how do we ensure a secure cyberspace? How do we play a part to co-create new ideas to attract more individuals to a cyber security career and help the community to be more aware of cyber security?

The SGfuture engagement series, a launchpad for Singaporeans to co-shape our collective future, was an ideal platform to bring cyber security enthusiasts together to discuss these challenges in cyber security and to co-create new ideas which Singaporeans can champion and support for the future.

Close to 40 students and young professionals participated in the engagement session organised by CSA titled The Future for You: Be a Cyber Security Champion. The session was held on 23 February 2016. Present at the session was Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-Charge of Cyber Security, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, who delivered the opening remarks. It was a stimulating discussion as the participants candidly shared their views and ideas on ways to enhance a cyber security career and raise cyber security awareness amongst the local community.

Participants sharing their ideas (photos by MCI)

Sayed Hamzah from NTU said, “This session has been a fruitful one for me as I get to hear ideas from other individuals on how we can contribute in making Singapore a safe and secure country. It has also allowed me to connect with other students and learn how cybersecurity is being practised in their schools or interest groups.”

Yang Xudong, product architect from V-Key, said," This was a memorable experience for me. It was heartening to hear from like-minded professionals on how we can contribute to strengthen Singapore’s cyber security as well as to enhance the public’s well-being.”