CE CSA Delivers Opening Remarks at NEC’s Cyber Security Factory Grand Opening

26 Jan 2016

CE/CSA, Mr David Koh was Guest-of-Honour at the Grand Opening of NEC’s Cyber Security Factory on 26 January 2016.  The Cyber Security Factory is NEC’s Corporation first dedicated Managed Security Service facility in Singapore which offers a wide range of security services including round the clock professional surveillance of networks and websites, forensic services for investigating malware sources and information leakage, and realistic team-based training for cyber defenders.

In his opening remarks, Mr Koh highlighted two main cybersecurity challenges commonly faced in Singapore as well as globally - the constantly evolving threat landscape and difficulty of finding enough talent. As such, there is a need for a collaborative effort between public and private sectors to develop both Singapore’s cyber security industry and promote innovation, as well as develop manpower. This includes getting companies to provide more advanced services for Singapore and supporting high quality R&D powered by sufficient numbers of appropriately trained professionals.

“The cyber security industry needs to grow and innovate to ensure a constant flow of high quality research and development to manage new and evolving cyber threats.  The establishment of the Cyber Security Factory demonstrates how a global technology company such as NEC has anchored its advanced capabilities and experts in Singapore.  Facilities such as the Cyber Security Factory will go a long way in helping businesses better manage cybersecurity challenges.  We hope it will inspire more companies to do the same to enhance the cyber security landscape,” said Mr Koh.