Minister Yaacob Ibrahim Launches ST Electronics-SUTD Cyber Security Laboratory

13 May 2016

Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, Prof Thomas Magnanti, President of SUTD, and Mr David Koh, CE/CSA, touring the exhibits on the various research projects that the Lab will be embarking on. (Photo by MCI)

The ST Electronics-SUTD Cyber Security Laboratory was launched by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-Charge of Cyber Security, on 13 May 2016. In his address, Minister Yaacob pointed out that cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and traditional cyber defence methods like signature-based detection of malware can no longer keep up with the innovative methods used by cyber attackers. Singapore must therefore strive to build smarter and more trustworthy systems which are designed with cyber security in mind.

The ST Electronics-SUTD Cyber Security Laboratory aims to advance new frontiers in cyber security technologies and build next generation solutions and products to address both current and future cyber security challenges. The laboratory is supported by the National Research Foundation Singapore under its Corporate Laboratory@University Scheme and it is the first corporate laboratory under this scheme to focus on cyber security. The laboratory will identify current and future cyber solutions, develop cutting-edge technologies and provide proof of concepts and testbeds for the next generation of cyber security products and solutions. Occupying 400 square metre of research and office space at the SUTD campus, the laboratory can accommodate 60 cyber security researchers from SUTD and ST Electronics.

Minister Yaacob added that a vibrant cyber security landscape comprises both strong companies and a sustainable pool of manpower. Thus, there is a need to enhance the pipeline of cybersecurity professionals, and elevate the cybersecurity profession. A joint initiative by CSA and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, the Cyber Security Associates and Technologists (CSAT) Programme aims to on-board fresh professionals and up-skill those with ICT background and experience for cyber security job roles. The Programme consists of on-the-job training, job attachments offered by industry partners, as well as in-depth training through courses. Trainees will also acquire practical skills through projects offered and mentored by industry-experienced practitioners.

Mr David Koh, CE/CSA said “To develop a vibrant cyber security ecosystem, it needs to be supported by a pool of competent professionals. Through the CSAT Programme, we hope to increase and nurture a strong pool of cyber security professionals. Trainees will be up skilled through on-the-job training programmes, courses, and attachments. With ST Electronics onboard as a CSAT training partner, we hope to encourage more fresh and mid-career ICT professionals to enter the cyber security profession.”