Minister Yaacob Ibrahim Launches the Singtel Cyber Security Institute

27 Apr 2016

  Launch of the Singtel Cyber Security Institute using a biometric facial recognition system.

(Photo by MCI)

Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-Charge of Cyber Security, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim launched the Singtel Cyber Security Institute on 26 April 2016. The institute includes an incubation laboratory to develop new cyber security products and services and a state-of-the-art cyber range facility that replicates real ICT environments to help train enterprises to protect their operations against single and multi-vector attacks scenarios. The institute also provides advanced education and cyber skills development programmes where participants can gain insights into cyber incident response management aspects such as cyber threat awareness, risk management, business continuity planning and crisis communications preparation.

In his address, Minister Yaacob highlighted that as Singapore moves towards being a Smart Nation, one of the most pressing challenges is protecting the infrastructure which forms its foundation. As the volume and sophistication of cyber threats grow, the need for cyber experts with deep skills and expertise will increase exponentially. To address these challenges, we need to cultivate a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem, and develop strong cybersecurity talents.

Minister Yaacob added that CSA and the Infocomm Development Authority have been working in partnership with the private sector on the Cyber Security Associates and Technologists (CSAT) Programme. Under the programme, both fresh ICT and engineering professionals and experienced professionals seeking to switch to cybersecurity will be upskilled through on-the-job training programmes, in-depth courses, mentorships with experienced industry practitioners and local and overseas attachments. Singtel is the first partner under the CSAT programme.

Mr David Koh, CE/CSA said, “A strong pool of cyber security talent is necessary to build a dynamic cyber security ecosystem that can support Singapore’s Smart Nation journey. With the introduction of the Cyber Security Associates and Technologists Programme and the setup of the Institute, we hope to encourage more to join the profession as well as enable cyber security professionals to hone their skills and stay a step ahead in the ever-evolving cyber security landscape.”