22 Mar 2017

To address the shortfall of cybersecurity professionals in Singapore, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) is organising the Cybersecurity Challenge SG, a series of challenges and competitions designed to inspire and encourage budding cyber talents to enter the cybersecurity profession.

To participate in the challenge, participants must first test their skills in CyPhinx, a virtual skyscraper where they can create avatars, access cybersecurity game challenges and interact with like-minded cybersecurity enthusiasts as well as demonstrate their skills to fellow players and potential employers. In collaboration with the Cyber Security Challenge UK, a Singapore floor has been introduced. Scores will be captured as players complete the game challenges on cybersecurity disciplines such as forensic analysis, vulnerability assessment, incident analysis, malware investigation, attack strategies, and coding. Top players will be invited to compete in a Face-to-Face competition in July where six winners will win career-enabling prizes and the chance to travel to UK to pit their skills against UK players in the Masterclass Final.

Anyone who is a Singaporean or Permanent Resident and who is currently not in the cybersecurity field can take part in the Challenge! To enter, register and download CyPhinx here.

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