28 Jul 2015

Mr David Koh, CE/CSA delivered the keynote address at the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation’s CXO Breakfast Talk on 28 Jul.

In his address, he spoke about the formation and immediate priorities of CSA. He elaborated that CSA is working closely with sector leads to enhance the capabilities of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) sectors such as through conducting regular cyber security exercises. He also touched on how companies in Singapore can improve their cyber security posture, such as through setting aside an appropriate budget to ensure that the relevant cyber security measures are in place, raising awareness among employees and investing in cyber security professionals. The industry players should also incorporate security-by-design regardless of size.

Mr Koh emphasised that no one entity can tackle cyber security challenges alone. Everyone needs to play a part to build a robust and vibrant cyber security ecosystem. This is why Singapore takes a holistic “Whole-of-Society” approach. The Government and the private sector must work hand-in-hand and engage in meaningful partnerships. In closing, he reminded organisations not to view cyber security as a cost driver, but rather, as an enabler that will allow us to leverage fully on the benefits that technology brings.

About 100 guests attended the event, which was held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.