Symptoms of a Compromised PC

by GOsafeonline | 05 April 2017

Unexpected pop-up windows appearing on your computer? You may brush off these pop-up windows as annoying, but they may be a sign of a more serious problem – an infection by malicious software, also known as malware.

Symptoms of an infected or compromised machine

The following symptoms could suggest that your machine has been infected or compromised:

  • Unexpected fast consumption of disk space
  • Machine running at an exceptionally slow speed
  • Unexpected pop-up/pop-under windows
  • Unexpected connections by your computer to Internet
  • Uninitiated change of default homepage on browser
  • Missing or newly created programmes or files
  • Corrupted files or files not working properly

Help is available

The Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCERT) facilitates the detection, resolution and prevention of cybersecurity related incidents. If your computer has been compromised or infected, you can contact
SingCERT to report the incident and seek further advice on what to do. 

SingCERT’s contact details:

What kind of incidents can I report to SingCERT?

Here are some examples of cyber security incidents that you can report to SingCERT for technical advice:

  • Unauthorised attempts (either failed or successful) to gain access to your system or its data
  • A denial of service (DoS) attack on your network
  • Phishing or scam emails sent to your network