About SingCERT and how it can help you and your company

by GOsafeonline | 01 June 2017

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team or sometimes also known as CSIRT, Computer Security Incident Response Team) is an international program that began in 1988, when the first team was formed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

SingCERT (Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team) was first set-up in October 1997 by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), in collaboration with the Centre for Internet Research, National University of Singapore (NUS). SingCERT’s purpose is to facilitate the detection, resolution and prevention of security related incidents on the Internet.

SingCERT aims to achieve its mission and objectives by:

  • Broadcasting alerts, advisories and security patches
  • Promoting security awareness through security seminars, workshops and cyber drills
  • Collaborating with vendors or other CERTs to respond to security incidents

How can you, as a small business owner or someone in charge of internet security for your company leverage on SingCERT’s services?

  1. Sign up for security alerts at https://www.csa.gov.sg/singcert. You will be able to view all recent and past security alerts on the website.
  2. Report cyber security incidents to SingCERT for advice and help in resolution. If your company’s information system encountered an intrusion or any cyber security related incidents, you can report the incident to SingCERT via the hotline +65 6323 5052 or email singcert@csa.gov.sg. For details on how to report an incident, please refer to their FAQ. This will help SingCERT link you up with the relevant agency for help and resolution.

What kind of incidents can I report to SingCERT?

Here are some examples of cyber security incidents where you can report to SingCERT for technical assistance:

  • Unauthorised attempts (either failed or successful) to gain access to your system or its data
  • A denial of service (DoS) attack on your IT network
  • Phishing or scam emails sent to your network

For the latest information on SingCERT, please visit the SingCERT website at https://www.csa.gov.sg/singcert.