Cyber Security Awareness Alliance

Who We Are
As information communication technologies becomes increasingly pervasive, it is imperative to raise the awareness and adoption of essential cyber security practices among users. Well-informed users will not only keep personal and organisation assets and information secure, but will also help to improve the overall security of cyberspace. To that end, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and like-minded partners from the public and private sectors formed the Cyber Security Awareness Alliance in April 2008. With the formation in April 2015 of the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) as the national body overseeing cyber security strategy, education and outreach and industry development, CSA has taken over the role as Co-Chair of the Alliance from IDA. 

Our Mission
As a collaborative body, the Alliance amalgamates efforts from its members by bringing together different strengths and resources. 
The aim of the Alliance is to:

• Build a positive culture of cyber security in Singapore, where cyber security becomes second nature for all infocomm users;
• Promote and enhance awareness and adoption of essential cyber security practices for both the private and public sectors.

 The Alliance comprises representatives from the government, private enterprises, trade associations and non-profit organisations.

Our Identity
The Alliance’s tagline – “GO SAFE ONLINE” – serves as a call for action to emphasise that the best protection for infocomm users against cyber threats is personal commitment to cyber security.
Cyber security is incomplete without you! Be aware, responsible and secure!