PDPC Guides

CSA has joined hands with Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) to produce guides on protecting your organisation's data from cyber threats, recognising a data breach and developing a data breach management plan.

As more of your organisation’s information is being stored in electronic devices and IT systems, it is important to protect the personal data of customers, employees and other individuals. 

Click on the links below to download the guides on how you can protect and secure your organisation’s electronic data:

Is Personal Data Safe With Your Organisation? - Electronic Personal Data Protection for Organisations

Information on electronic personal data protection and sets out some recommendations on good Information and Communications Technology (ICT) practices that organisations may consider implementing.

Guide to Managing Data Breaches

Information which organisations may consider when formulating their framework for managing and minimising data breaches.

Guide to Securing Personal Data in Electronic Medium

Information and examples on good practices which organisations may adopt to further secure electronic personal data.

Guide on Building Websites for SMEs

Information which SMEs may consider when setting up websites that collect or store personal data and the considerations to be taken when outsourcing such works to IT vendors.