SG Cyber Talent Development Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

SG Cyber Talent Development Fund

General Question

What are the differences between SG Cyber Talent Development Fund programme and CSA Cybersecurity Co-Innovation and Development Fund (CCDF)?

The CCDF aims to catalyse the development of innovative cybersecurity solutions that meet national cybersecurity and strategic needs, with the potential for commercial application. 

The SG Cyber Talent Development Fund, on the other hand, aims to engage, grow and advance the cybersecurity community by supporting and encouraging inpiduals, communities and associations to develop ground-up projects. that grow, develop and/or advance the cybersecurity community. Such projects may include community events, skills development and recognition projects, and training and job placement programmes.

A. Eligibility

2. Who are eligible for the SG Cyber Talent Fund?

This fund is open to inpiduals above the age of 18, communities, non-profit organisations, and corporations. Organisations should be Singapore-registered. 

If applicants are below the age of 18, they may apply through the educational institution they are currently enrolled in, or through the teacher, mentor or coach overseeing the proposed project. 

If you are a part of a community that is not Singapore-registered, you may apply as an inpidual through the SingPass account and include mention of your community and other project team members in your application. 

B. Funding scope

3. Can I apply for other funding support for the same project?
You will have to declare funding support received from other agencies or companies for the project. The appropriate funding support for your project will be determined by CSA and the other funding party.
4. Can projects that have commenced, or existing projects be eligible for the funding support?

This will depend if the project is aligned with the overall objectives of the fund the impact on the industry and the programme's effectiveness The fund will, however, only support the costs expended after the project has been awarded. 

However, CSA  will prioritise support for new, creative projects to help project owners pilot and implement new programmes aligned with the objectives of the fund.

5. If approved, when and where will the funds be disbursed to?
Following completion of the project, funds will be disbursed to the bank account provided by the applicant, based on the claims and relevant documentation provided by the applicant.
6. How much funding support will I get?
The fund will support 80% of supportable costs or the funding quantum specified for the project tier (whichever is lower).
7. If my project expended more costs than initially proposed, can I submit a request for more funding to cover the actual costs?
You may submit a request to the Grant Officer to inform them of the increase in project expenses and provide justifications and rationale for the increase. However, the request is subject to CSA’s discretion and further assessment. 
8. My project duration is beyond the funding durations in the SG Cyber Talent Development Fund. Can it still be funded?
For such projects, we would recommend you submit a pilot project proposal of a shorter duration that is aligned with the funding durations of 6 – 12 months specified in this fund. If your project has shown greater success and impact, we can then consider extending funding support and scope for future projects.

C. Application and Evaluation Process

9. What is the application process for the SG Cyber Talent Development Fund? Should applicants be expecting interviews?

Calls for Proposals will open in January, April, July and October of each year. Each call will be open for one month. Proposals are to be submitted online through the OurSG Grants Portal.

In the portal, applicants will be required to fill in the application form. The form will require the applicant to furnish details such as: 

  • Objectives and intended outcomes of the initiative 
  • Details on the project team 
  • Proposed budget 

Our Grant Officers may reach out to applicants for clarification and for applicants to furnish additional details on the proposed project.  If applicants have any further queries, you may send an e-mail to

10. How will proposals be evaluated?

Given that each tier of the project has different objectives, the evaluation criteria will differ as well. For example, for Tier 1 Community Projects, the number of participants reached would play a bigger role in our evaluation as compared to Tier 2 Skills Development and Recognition projects where the alignment of your project to skills frameworks would be more important. 

The proposals will generally be evaluated based on:

  • Alignment to the CSA’s overall manpower strategy
    (e.g., SG Cyber Talent, reference frameworks such as ICT Skills Framework (Cybersecurity Track),
    OT Cybersecurity Competency Framework, SG Cyber Odyssey, etc.) 
  • Quality of the proposal 
  • Experience of the applicant
11. What is the expected timeline of the application process?

The call for proposals will be open for one month. The evaluation and notice of award should take about two months.

Applicants may be asked to provide more clarification or supplement their application during the evaluation period.

12. How will I be notified if my project has been awarded?
Award notification and acceptance will take place through the OurSG Grants Portal.
For any further queries, do drop us an e-mail at