The establishment of an Operational Technology Cybersecurity Expert Panel (OTCEP) was first announced at the Singapore International Cyber Week 2020. Cyber threats to OT, especially Industrial Control Systems (ICS), are increasing in frequency and sophistication. It is therefore imperative to strengthen local cybersecurity capabilities and competencies in the OT sector.

The OTCEP will allow Singapore’s OT cybersecurity practitioners, operators, industry, researchers, and policy makers from the Government, Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) sectors, academia and other OT industries to have direct access to the internationally renowned experts. Drawing from appointed members’ respective experience in OT domains in engineering, operations and governance, these stakeholders can tap on their existing capabilities to enhance the cyber resilience of Singapore’s OT sector.

The OTCEP will discuss key global OT technologies and emerging trends, and recommend sound practices to address cybersecurity challenges and gaps for the OT sector. They will also share insights, based on their experience in handling global cybersecurity incidents, with the incident response teams from the government, CII sectors and industry stakeholders in Singapore.

The OTCEP augments efforts under the OT Cybersecurity Masterplan which was developed to enhance the security and resilience of Singapore’s critical sectors, improve cross-sector response to mitigate cyber threats in the OT environment and strengthen partnerships with stakeholders.


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