A. General 

What does the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore do?

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) provides dedicated and centralised oversight of national cybersecurity functions, and works with sector leads to protect Singapore’s critical services. It also engages with various industries, and stakeholders to heighten cybersecurity awareness as well as to ensure the holistic development of Singapore’s cybersecurity landscape. The agency builds upon the government’s cybersecurity capabilities, which include strategy and policy development, cybersecurity operations, industry development and outreach; as well as public communications and engagement.

Where can I get information about Singapore’s Cybersecurity Strategy?

Singapore’s Cybersecurity Strategy was launched in October 2016 with the aim to create a resilient and trusted cyber environment for Singapore and our residents. You can get more information and download the Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy here.

B. Incident reporting

I would like to report a cybersecurity incident. Who do I contact?

The Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCERT) responds to cybersecurity incidents. If you have encountered any of the following security policy violations, you can contact SingCERT for technical assistance.

  1. Unauthorised attempts (either failed or successful) to gain unauthorised access to a system or its data
  2. Unwanted disruption or denial of service
  3. The unauthorised use of a system for the processing or storage of data
  4. Changes to system hardware, firmware, or software characteristics without the owner's knowledge, instruction, or consent
  5. Email-related security issues

For incident reporting, please email SingCERT at singcert@csa.gov.sg or call the SingCERT hotline at 6323 5052.

C. Initiatives, programmes and schemes

I am a fresh information and communications technology (ICT) professional/mid-career professional who is keen to switch to the field of cybersecurity. What programmes are available to me?

The Cyber Security Associates and Technologists Programme (CSAT) trains and up-skills fresh ICT professionals and mid-career professionals for cybersecurity job roles. Trainees will have opportunities to undergo On-the-Job training programmes and participate in local and overseas attachments identified by the CSAT Training Partners. For more information about the eligibility criteria and CSAT training partners, visit the CSAT Programme page.  

I am thinking if I should pursue a career in cybersecurity, although I do not have the relevant qualifications. Where do I start?

You can participate in the Cybersecurity Challenge Singapore, an annual competition in which cybersecurity enthusiasts can demonstrate their skills to potential employers and stand to win career-enabling prizes through participating in cybersecurity game challenges. The Challenge is open to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who are currently not in the cybersecurity field. The qualifying period for Cybersecurity Challenge Singapore 2018 ends on 1 August.

I am an IT product developer and I intend to evaluate my IT products against the Common Criteria (CC) standard in Singapore. Where do I start?

The Singapore Common Criteria Scheme (SCCS), owned and managed by CSA, is an established regime for the info-communications industry to evaluate and certify their IT products against the CC standard in Singapore.

You can visit the Singapore Common Criteria Scheme page to find out about the acceptance criteria. For enquiries, please email nites@csa.gov.sg.

D. Career and internship opportunities

I am interested in a career with CSA. How do I apply?

CSA offers a range of positions to dedicated individuals with a passion for cybersecurity.

You can submit your application via Careers@Gov or email your CV to csa_recruit@csa.gov.sg.

For more information about career and internship opportunities at CSA, please visit our Careers page.

I am a student interested in doing my internship at CSA. How do I apply?

You can apply via your institution's internship exercise (if applicable), or directly to csa_recruit@csa.gov.sg with the following details:

  • Personal particulars
  • Contact information – email and mobile number
  • Education details – latest polytechnic/university results and ‘O’/’A’ level grades
  • Duration and period available for internship

E. Public Outreach

Does CSA provide public education materials on cybersecurity?

You can access the Gosafeonline WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter for practical tips and downloadable resources on how to protect yourself online.

SMEs can subscribe to SingCERT's mailing list to receive alerts and advisories on how to pre-empt cyber incidents. SMEs can also access the free Employee Cybersecurity Kit, which features a quiz that provides an initial assessment of a company’s cybersecurity readiness and offers downloadable resources. The Kit is an initiative by the National Security Coordination Secretariat and supported by CSA and the Singapore Business Federation. 

Can I print or distribute the resources I download from Gosafeonline?

You can print and distribute the resources you download from Gosafeonline for personal, non-commercial use only, provided that you do not modify the resources and that you retain all logos and copyright notices contained in the resources. Do contact us if you have any queries/clarifications.

Does CSA conduct surveys on cybersecurity awareness?

CSA conducted its first Cybersecurity Public Awareness Survey in 2016. The findings of the latest survey can be found here.

F. Media

Where do I obtain the latest press announcements and news regarding CSA?

You can find the latest press announcements and news on our website under News

Contact Us

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please email us at contact@csa.gov.sg with your enquiry and we will get in touch with you shortly.