Working in CSA

Working in CSA, Kong Tin Jun

#WorkinginCSA: Raising Cybersecurity Awareness To Reap The Benefits Of Digitalisation

Learn more about CSA’s communications manager Kong Tin Jun’s work in protecting our cyberspace.

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NCTAC Lam Chang Keong

#WorkinginCSA: Analysing the Cyber Landscape to Mitigate Threats and Guide Policy Making

Lam Chang Keong, Senior Assistant Director of CSA’s National Cyber Threat Analysis Centre, shares his experience under CSA’s job rotation framework, as well as some of the exciting projects he has been involved in.

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#WorkinginCSA: Helping Enterprises and “Towkays” to Up Their Cybersecurity Game

Grace Dong, Assistant Director of CSA’s newly-formed Safer Cyberspace Division, tells us how she plays her part in helping enterprises better protect themselves in the digital domain, despite not having a technical background.

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#WorkinginCSA: Staying One Step Ahead of Cyber Threats

Find out how Systems Engineer Lim Sui Xin of CSA’s National Cyber Threat Monitoring Centre plays her part in keeping our cyberspace safe and secure through cyber threat landscape monitoring and analysis.

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#WorkinginCSA: Developing Systems for Cybersecurity Operations and Securing 5G

Senior Assistant Director Nicholas Goh elaborates on his role in CSA’s Cybersecurity Programme Centre and shares exciting projects he is involved in, such as ensuring the security of 5G networks in Singapore.

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#WorkinginCSA: Administering the Cybersecurity Act

Find out what gives Karl Gerard Jonathan, Manager, Regulations Division, job satisfaction, and how he is involved in pioneering the regulation of cybersecurity service providers in Singapore.

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