Protect your Organisation from Business Email Compromise

Published on 22 Mar 2022 | Updated on 22 Mar 2022

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is an email-based fraud technique that is designed to allow an attacker to gain unauthorised access to confidential information or extract money through fraudulent requests for payment or wire transfer. 

With more organisations shifting their operations online, the attack surface for cybercriminals have correspondingly increased. Cybercriminals now have more opportunities to launch BEC attacks, with such attacks sometimes also leveraging on current events or themes to enhance their plausibility and subsequently, increase the probability of success.

As organisations are usually the primary target of such attacks, there is a need to be vigilant and take steps to prevent BEC incidents and if such an incident occurs, be prepared to respond to it.

To find out more about BEC, how to prevent BEC, and how to respond to a BEC incident, refer to our playbook  here.